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SA to share World Cup expertise with Brazil

Pretoria – A South African delegation, comprising the Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies and at least 30 companies, are headed for Brazil, the next FIFA World Cup host, where they will share expertise in infrastructure projects.

As part of handing over its role as host of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, South Africa will engage in knowledge sharing with Brazil with regards to World Cup infrastructure projects, including airport infrastructure and the construction of the stadia.

The delegation will participate in the Investment and Trade Initiative (ITI), from 17 to 20 November.

Davies said the ITI will facilitate the involvement of South African companies in the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics programme.

“The 2014 World Cup presents immense opportunities for SA entities to forge partnership in various infrastructure projects and South Africa having organised and staged a successful 2010 World Cup has a legacy to transfer to Brazil,” Davies said.

He added that the event will also be a platform to showcase South African goods and services and promote South Africa as an investment destination. – BuaNews


2010 Soccer: Welcome to the world!

‘World, welcome!’ – Jacob Zuma on 2010


With the stadiums all approaching completion and the 32 teams for the 2010 Fifa World Cup™ decided, Organising Committee CEO Danny Jordaan speaks to South African President Jacob Zuma on the eve of the Final Draw in Cape Town.

Jordaan: Thank you Mr President for giving us some time. Outside our headquarters next to Soccer City stadium, 32 flags are now flying. These are the flags of the 32 countries that will be part of Africa’s first Fifa World Cup™. What is your message to those who have qualified and will now come to our country?

Zuma: We welcome them with warm hearts. It has been a long journey, a journey first and foremost to have the World Cup on our continent. When we won the right to host the event it was almost as if we had won the World Cup because it was such a historic event.

Having done that, South Africa then said that this World Cup is not just hosted by South Africa, we are hosting it on behalf of the continent.

So when we say to the countries that have qualified, “Welcome”, it is actually Africa welcoming the world to come and play in South Africa. I am sure they will not be disappointed. Qualifying is not a small matter; it is one of the biggest challenges of this tournament.

Jordaan: What is your message to ordinary South Africans who love this game, and who must next year play host. What do you expect from them? …Read more »


Africa Day

Africa Day – 25 May 2010

It all began 44 years ago when leaders of African nation states that had already attained independence and progressive liberation struggle movements met in  Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, on 25 May 1963 to pledge solidarity with the total emancipation of the people of Africa from the yoke of colonialism.   

The Organisation for African Unity is the end result of what these leaders of state discussed at this historic gathering, and Africa Day commemorates the emancipation of Africa from colonialism.  Although Africa is free, post-colonial challenges still haunt it, and that is why Parliament resolved to host an Africa Day Seminar on African Renaissance and the Millennium Development Goals, two topics at the heart of Africa’s future development.
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