The Embassy of South Africa in Israel

Since malaria is endemic to certain areas in South Africa, such as the Northern Province, Northern KwaZulu Natal and Mpumalanga (which includes the Kruger National Park); all precautions necessary must be taken to prevent malaria being contracted. It is recommended that you consult with your physician before you depart for South Africa. It is also recommended that a mosquito repellent be applied to the body.

Yellow Fever
Immunization is required only if you travelled through or are planning to travel from South Africa to the countries in the yellow fever belt, such as Kenya, Tanzania or South America. Visitors are advised to be inoculated against the disease before visiting South Africa. (See front page).

Israeli citizens travelling to South Africa need an International Driver’s License if they wish to drive in South Africa.
South African citizens cannot apply for or renew a South African or international driver’s license while abroad.

The following information has been received from the Directorate of Veterinary Services in South Africa:

Complete an application form to import animals or animal products into South Africa. The form must be completed in full for each animal you wish to import. The form can be obtained from the Permit Office, Room G62, Delpen Building, c/o Annie Botha and Union Street, Riviera, Pretoria:

Tel: +27-12-3197514/7503/7406  
Fax: + 27-12-329 8292

The application must be forwarded to the following address in South Africa:

The Director: Veterinary Services
Import/Export Control
Private Bag X138
South Africa

or fax it to:  + 27-12-329 8292 

A payment of R110.00 must accompany the application. The amount can be paid into the Department’s bank account by means of transfer from any commercial bank to:

Standard Bank of South Africa – Account Number: 011219556
Branch Code and name 010845, Arcadia

Quarantine of animals from Israel is not required.

Following receipt of the completed application form, a Veterinary Import Permit will be issued and sent directly to you.

A Veterinary Health Certificate will be sent to you with the Veterinary Import Permit. This needs to be completed in English by a veterinarian authorized thereto by the Veterinary Administration of the exporting country, within 10 days of departure.

If any information is needed on the exact requirements for a specific animal or animal product, specimen copies of the Veterinary Import Permit and the Veterinary Health Certificate it can be obtained from the Permit Office.

The following must be presented to the South African Veterinary Import Control Officer at the Port of Entry:

*Original Veterinary Import Permit
*Original Veterinary Health Certificate
*Any other documentation specified (Indemnity Declaration, Rabies Vaccination Certificate, etc).

The Directorate Animal Production and Health, Subdirectorate Import/Export Control in Pretoria will be able to assist you should you have any questions.

For any further enquiries you may wish to contact: Ina Labuschagne; email: