The Embassy of South Africa in Israel

Persons are required to lodge applications for visas at South African missions in their countries of normal residence if such missions are situated in their countries, irrespective of the distance between

the applicant’s places of residence and the missions concerned.

Missions are under no obligation to consider applications from residents of other countries who do not have permanent or long-term temporary residence (for example an employment contract) in

the mission’s host country and may simply refer applicants to the missions in their countries of residence.

Persons residing in countries where the Republic is not represented may apply for visas at any South African mission, or alternatively, through their contact persons in the Republic, to the Director General: Home Affairs.


A.   Do I need a visa to enter South Africa?


An Israeli citizen, travelling on an Israeli passport, DOES NOT require a visa in respect of bona fide holiday and business visits not exceeding 90 days. However, the visitor should hold a return or onward air ticket.

Palestinian Authority:

Palestinian citizens traveling on a Palestinian Authority passport do require a visa for bona fide holiday and business visits. They should also hold a return or onward air ticket. Proof of medical insurance coverage while in South Africa and hotel booking, if applicable.

Applicants must provide proof that they have sufficient funds to sustain themselves while in South Africa.

If you travel on a laissez-passer, you require a visa, must be in possession of a return/onward air ticket, medical insurance, and proof of sufficient funds.

Applicants in the following categories are advised to contact the Embassy to establish what type of visa they require to enter South Africa:

- Concert performers

- Stage artists

- Musicians

- Religious workers

- Journalists

- Photographers

- Persons connected with the news media


Persons contemplating entering South Africa:

- in excess of the relevant exemption period, or

- with the intention to take up employment/studies, or

- to participate in any sports event, or

- to take up permanent residence in the Republic of South Africa

- to join or accompany a spouse or parent who is proceeding to   South Africa on work or study permit.

are still required to obtain the necessary authorisation in order to gain admission to the Republic of South Africa.

Where the purpose of the visit has relevance to the pursuance of a person’s career, for example, clergy who wish to address church meetings, representatives of the media for reporting or academics presenting lectures/participating in research, visa/entry authorisation are still required to enter South Africa.

NOTE : Visas/entry authorisation are not issued at the South African ports of entry and airlines are obliged to insist on visas, if required, before allowing passengers to board flights to South Africa.


B.   Requirements to process your visa application:

Please note that each application is treated as an individual case, and applicants therefore need to contact their nearest Embassy/Consulate in order to establish what documentation is required before submitting their application.

Note that all application forms should bear the applicant’s original signature. NO applications will be accepted if sent via e-mail.

Complete all application forms in full detail. Failure to do so may cause a delay in the consideration of an application and may result in a refusal!

Respective applicants for visitor’s visa should apply at least 30 days prior to their proposed date of departure.

The processing time for a visa is 10 business days.


C.   Types of Visas: