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South African passports and travel documents are issued in terms of the South African Passport and Travel Document Act, 1994 (Act No 4 of 1994). All South African passports are issued by the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa, and it takes approximately 3-4 months, to receive a passport if all the papers are in order. General requirements when you apply for your South African passport:

If a child applies for a passport the following is required:


Important Notice

Discontinuation of Temporary Passports

Please note that issuance of Temporary Passports has been discontinued from 1 September 2014.

South African passports are issued only in Pretoria, South Africa. However, applications must still be submitted or forwarded to the applicable South African Embassy. Applications take eight (8) months or more to be finalized.

Emergency travel certificates are issued at South African missions abroad and take only three (3) weeks to be finalized.

Please write your email address on the top right corner of your BI-73 application form.


Types of Passports and Corresponding Requirements: