The Embassy of South Africa in Israel

Africa Day – 25 May 2010

It all began 44 years ago when leaders of African nation states that had already attained independence and progressive liberation struggle movements met in  Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, on 25 May 1963 to pledge solidarity with the total emancipation of the people of Africa from the yoke of colonialism.   

The Organisation for African Unity is the end result of what these leaders of state discussed at this historic gathering, and Africa Day commemorates the emancipation of Africa from colonialism.  Although Africa is free, post-colonial challenges still haunt it, and that is why Parliament resolved to host an Africa Day Seminar on African Renaissance and the Millennium Development Goals, two topics at the heart of Africa’s future development.

Dr Mathole Matshekga’s keynote address was on the potential of the African Renaissance in helping African countries to work collectively in determining their continent’s future.       

“The African Renaissance is an ideal that came from the people and must be rooted in the people in order to succeed. To understand this ideal we must remember that Africa was ravaged by the slave trade and colonialism.  These two inhumane systems virtually killed Africa. For us to understand and nurture the renascent movement, we need to understand its underlying ideas and motivating forces.  On this day Africans remember their disposition to associate with one another for mutual benefit.”

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