The Embassy of South Africa in Israel

Trade and Investment Section

The¬† Trade and Investment¬†Section at the Embassy is one of the Department of Trade & Industry’s ¬†44 foreign offices.
Its objectives are:

 The Department of Trade & Industry assists South African companies and organisations to find the right business contacts for their products and services. TheTrade and Investment (TISA) Section  at the Embassy helps South African exporters to locate export markets and expand their business in Israel.  Of key importance is to link up potential business partners between formerly disadvantaged business people in South Africa with business people from the various minority sectors in Israel.

The Department of Trade & Industry web site provides details of various incentive schemes available for investors.  A database is also available of thousands of South African export companies.  It also provides the most recent statistical information on bilateral trade and the products being exchanged with Trade partners.

The Trade and Investment Section at the Embassy provides advice on:

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