The Embassy of South Africa in Israel

The Political Section provides analytical reports to the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) on  developments in Israel, on Israel’s relations with other countries and on geopolitical trends and developments in the region. These reports are a basic ingredient in the formulation of foreign policy and the development of relations between and among nations.  Specific topics being analysed on a regular basis include the Middle East Peace Process, bilateral relations, internal political developments, bilateral trade and other opportunities for cooperation.

The Political Section also organises visits to Israel by South African officials, and hosts and briefs official visitors and interested groups on current events and trends in Israel.  It provides briefings to a great diversity of people and organisations to ensure a better understanding of and appreciation for South Africa’s experience in conflict resolution and its commitment to the peaceful coexistence between people and nations.

It also compiles the Mzansi News, a periodical newsletter about events by the Mission and news about South Africa.

For an overview of South African foreign policy, speeches, statements, and bi-lateral relations with Israel visit the South African Government website, or go to Department of International Relations and Cooperation.

Counsellor: Mr T Ceke


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