The Embassy of South Africa in Israel

Dear Visitor

Welcome to the Website of the South African Embassy in Tel Aviv (Ramat Gan).¬† As you scroll through these pages, you will note that the Embassy is fully engaged in serving the interests of South Africa and its people, that we are in Israel to promote peace and strengthen our bilateral relations, and that we strive to be an example of the values we hold.¬† By visiting all the links provided, we hope you will also get a better idea of South Africa’s unwavering commitment to uphold international law and enhance the effectiveness of the international organisations.¬† Crucial to our foreign policy is also to share the invaluable experience we gained in resolving what was thought for decades to be an intractible conflict which was tearing our nation apart.¬† By this sharing, we do not presume that all conflicts are identical or that their resolution should be identical to South Africa’s;¬† we merely wish to contribute to the whole body of knowledge and experience that can lead to people and nations living in peace within themselves, and in peace with their neighbours and the wider world.¬† This is our point of departure in our engagement with the Government of Israel, with its people and with South Africans who have chosen to make this their home.

You will be able to get an overview of the Embassy’s activities in terms of the promotion of political and trade relations, how we engage with the society in which we are placed and which contributions we try to suppporting the Middle East Peace Process.¬† Through our contact with all sectors and spheres of the Israeli society (secular, religious, linguistic, majority and minorities), we strive to have a better understanding of the situation so that the initiatives we can serve the interests of both South Africa and Israel and all the diverse societies that give our two countries their identity.¬†

Through our Newsletter, the Mzansi News, you will become acquainted with important developments and interesting intiatives.  Our Consular link will give you first hand knowledge about requirements for passports, birth certificates, what the Embassy can do for its citizens and what not, and how we can assist South Africans when they are in distress.

Suggestions on how we can improve our services are always welcome.

Enjoy the site!